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“As a new mom-to-be, and working full time, I really needed a practical and easy to follow program to keep me and my growing baby healthy. The Fit and Healthy Pregnancy Guide gave me all of that and more! It helped me to gain only an optimal, healthy amount of weight and deliver a beautiful baby boy.”
-Michelle Woodham of Columbus, OH
“Finally- a holistic pregnancy book that I can truly recommend to my patients! Laura and Michelle have done an excellent job of debunking the myths of pregnancy exercise and nutrition, and putting together a clear plan for any women who cares about herself and her baby. This book will be in office and required reading for all of my expecting mothers.”
- Eric Serrano, M.D. of Columbus OH
“As an experienced fitness professional, I thought I knew everything about pregnancy exercise and pregnancy nutrition. How wrong I was! The FHP Guide opened my eyes to key changes that made a huge difference in the way I look and feel. Even at this late stage of my pregnancy, I feel functionally strong, in great posture, and without the aches and pains that so many of my pregnant friends think is normal. Thank you so much.”
- Sarah Bucher of Toledo, OH
“Laura might just start a revolution for holistic mother worldwide. The combination of her traditional dietetics education, extensive studies in natural and alternative health and nutrition, real-world experience as a working mom, and her ‘tell it like it is’ personality, make for an inspirational role model and coach.”
- Dr. Tamara Stickland, ND of Columbus OH
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Is There A Pregnancy Guide to Answer My Pregnancy Questions?

Any women who is pregnant is going to have questions about a healthy pregnancy. If this is her first pregnancy, she may be overwhelmed with  questions about prenatal health, safe pregnancy exercises, eating healthy during pregnancy, pregnancy weight gain, and other things of this nature. Is there such a thing as one pregnancy guide to cover all of the topics of pregnancy?

There are a great many resources available to pregnant women these days. There is an endless supply of material on the internet, in books, and on video. The problem then becomes that there is too much out there and picking just one pregnancy guide becomes a challenge. What should you look for in a good pregnancy guide?

First, consider you most pressing questions and personal needs. Are you most concerned with a healthy pregnancy diet? Maybe you'd like to learn about weight gain and safe exercises during pregnancy. You might want more information on nutrition and prenatal vitamins. Whatever the case, a little research goes a long way when choosing a pregnancy guide.

If your main concern is healthy eating during pregnancy, you should look for books, ebooks, and other resources that focus on:

  • prenatal nutrition
  • what types of foods to eat
  • how much of each to consume
  • what to avoid when pregnant
  • prenatal vitamins and supplements
  • eating plans
  • grocery lists

If you want a guide that deals with beauty topics for moms-to-be, then look for these topics:

  • healthy weight gain and exercise
  • what to wear to compliment your baby bump
  • stretch marks tips
  • lotions, creams, and massage oils
  • safe spa treatments
  • how to feel good and look your best

If your questions mostly pertain to exercise and weight gain, look for a guide with this type of information:

  • safe pregnancy exercises
  • exercises by trimesters
  • what is unsafe during pregnancy
  • exercises to avoid
  • when to stop
  • step-by-step instructions with picture guides

Another good way to choose a pregnancy guide is by getting other peoples opinion. Read reviews and testimonials about the pregnancy guides that you are interested in. You can learn a great deal about the product simply by reading what other pregnant women have written about it. While it is important to be informed of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy complications, beware of  too much information. Don't overload yourself with things that could go wrong. It will only make you anxious and worrisome. If you have concerns, it is always best to discuss them with your prenatal health care provider.

And lastly, take time to enjoy your pregnancy. There are humorous books available that poke fun at pregnancy symptoms. You might find these to be light-hearted and good for a few laughs.